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September 26, 2008

The About-to-be-married Syndrome

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Funny how I’ve never noticed this before.


Yes, there is such a thing as about-to-be-married syndrome. For me, the most apparent sign is my seeming urgent need to have an extra income. A most natural tendency, if you ask me, once you become aware of all the expenses you are about to incur in preparing for the wedding. True, the norm here in the Philippines is that the guy spends for it. Being a realistic bride-to-be, however, I know I should be able to at least raise a quarter of the total projected expenses… and this is the part where I usually bite my nails as I try to think of ways that could augment my income, without leaving my office desk as I do have a full-time job Mondays to Saturdays.


Internet research brought me to a lot of online business opportunities — some promising millions (most likely scams) while some, a few cents for reading emails, or clicking ads. The latter caught my attention because, hey, a few cents multiplied by a few days could equal to an additional dollar to my name. Certainly won’t hurt… for just sitting on my desk doing what I do everyday anyway.


With that in mind, I joined a few free membership services and watched in fascination as I watch my balance earn a few cents everytime I go online. It has been a few weeks now and progress is slow. I have not reached a required level to request for a payout but I’m hoping to get there soon. (If you’re still reading this, great! It means I have managed to catch your attention too).


While I am not sure if the websites will actually pay me for my efforts, I encourage everyone and anyone reading this to join too. Treat it as an experiment. Help me reach the required payout levels by signing up (I will earn for every referral) and together, let’s find out if they really will pay up!


Here goes then:









Someday, I hope within this lifetime, I  will write a report on the result of the experiment and let you know definitely which among the abovementioned are scams. Til then… happy surfing!


And hey, thanks for signing up! 🙂


May 29, 2008

Engaged to be Married

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When I was young, I often imagined what it would be like to have the guy of my dreams propose marriage to me. I imagined a romantic, starry night with lots of flowers, chocolates and champagne with my Romeo on his knees uttering the sweetest words ever known to man in a scenario worthy of Meg Ryan.


Now almost a decade later, I find myself engaged. When or how, I’m not exactly sure now. It just happened, sans the fanfare I expected in my childish imaginings. All I know is that I finally found The One (or he found me. Again, I’m not sure who found who but all that matters is that I am with him, and he’s with me). Notice Romeo got edged out of the picture too? That’s because I don’t want the romantic BS of Romeo anymore. Romeo was oh so romantic… but ended up dead. I want mine alive and kicking. He can be as much of a pain in the ass as he wants, as long as he’s got a pulse.


That reminds me of a conversation I had with my favorite sister (read as: only sister) in the not too distant past. It was one of those boring Saturday afternoons and we got to talking about my then non-existent lovelife. She asked me what qualities was I looking for in a guy. My answer was a short: “I want a man who would put his life, pride and heart on the line for me.” A tall order, my sister said. Looking back, I can only smile. That was a bit selfish of me. My revised answer now is, “I want a man who is not afraid to put his pride and heart on the line for me.” Notice I ditched the putting life on the line for me part? That’s because it’s true. I no longer want that. Loving my babyfats (as I fondly call my beloved) has taught me that to love is to always wish for the other person’s welfare. I wouldn’t want him to put his life on the line for me. Also, on the realistic side, what would I do with a courageous, dead hero? 


Now, where was I? Oh, yes… me, getting engaged (or me, ending up engaged. Bonus for the romantic, you get to choose which phrase to use. LOL). Nothing I’ve read in the thousands of romantic novels I’ve read prepared me for the real deal. Looking back, all I can ever recall seeing were words somewhere along the lines of, “ecstatically happy, euphoria and elated.”  I can’t seem to recall reading the words “difficult to get a pencil-date,” “deposit deadline,” “we-can’t-accept-your-reservation-because-you-have-not undergone-our-seminar,” nor “you-can’t-take-the-seminar-either-because-you-don’t-have-your-baptismal-and-confirmation-certificates-yet.” No, try as I may, I cannot recall ever seeing those words in those novels. Come to think of it, I have never read the phrase, “Didn’t-our-church-secretary-tell-you-the-documentary-requirements?” either.


I’m sure the next few months will bring other discoveries as well. Until then, I can only hold my breath and square my shoulders. Ready or not, changes are in the horizon and there will be important lessons to learn. While there may be some bumps ahead, with him by my side to hold me hand and prod me on, I’m sure I’ll have the time of my life and enjoy every single minute of it. Finally, the part where those novels got it right.



May 28, 2008

Hello world!

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Welcome to the inner workings of my mind!

Random thoughts is my not-so-private sanctum – a place where I get to think out loud, exercise my brain muscles so to speak, share my views, ideals and experiences to everyone and anyone who may be interested enough to sit and scroll down the pages.

Happy reading! 🙂



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